After her 2006 sabbatical year during which we still produced 3 books Anne decided to "retire" in 2007 and research and write the books she has been wanting to do for several years. If you were thinking of sending us a manuscript please see our alternative suggestions. We will, of course, keep in print and continue to sell all the books that we have published.

This is a list of the books which we have published through the Greenridges Press. We use this imprint for commissioned work and for eBooks. In a number of cases the conventional books are being actively sold by the authors on their own behalf or to raise money for a good cause although in general we deal with any trade orders for them.

We have included details of how you can obtain a copy of each book in case there is one which is particularly relevant to your special interests, so in the first instance please contact the person named. In the majority of cases we will have copies available if you have problems contacting the primary source or wish to buy a copy together with some of our Léonie Press books.

Trade enquiries and orders can be placed directly with us by telephone, e-mail or via the Nielsen BookNet Teleordering service (Whitaker's as was). They are also available through your preferred wholesaler...Gardners, Bertrams, Holt Jackson, Cypher, Coutts, ABS etc Click here for our contact details.

Where there are more details available about a book they can be seen by clicking on the link in the Title box in the table below.

Cover Author ISBN Title Description Price Contact
Mary Rochester 978 1 902109 01 7 My Father was a Narberth Man (Recollections of a Boyhood in the 1890s) The book is based on the recollections of Thomas Wheeler (1887-1981), and the author's own memories of Narberth in Pembrokeshire from 1921 onwards. The 20-page booklet was donated to the Wilson Museum by Mary Rochester, as a tribute to her father. £ not known The Wilson Museum, Market Square, Narberth, Pembrokeshire
SA67 7AU,
tel 01834 861266
A Journey through Life, John Reginald Lee, Greenridges Press, Anne Loader Publications
John Reginald Lee 978 1 902109 02 4 A Journey Through Life


Reprint unlikely

A Journey Through Life 1911-1994 traces the octogenarian author's childhood in the Yorkshire Wolds, his apprenticeship and his years in the motor trade. He chronicles his marriage to Phylle and the hard work they put in together to set up his Bridlington business, Reg Lee Motor Engineer. £5.49 If you are interested in this book for historical research reasons, please contact us
West Witton - Aspects of Village History, West Witton History Group, Greenridges Press, Anne Loader Publications
West Witton History Group; Editor - June Hall 978 1 902109 03 1 West Witton - Aspects of Village History A local history group was founded in the Wensleydale village of West Witton in 1999. This fascinating book represents the individual work of the various members on subjects as various as "a square mile of barns", old hearths and fireplaces, and insights from 19th century census material. £5.99 + p+p Mrs E Kirby, Chantry Cottage, Main Street, West Witton, LEYBURN, DL8 4LU. Telephone 01969-622517
Cecil Carter and Gislingham Band, Gislingham Band, Greenridges Press, Anne Loader Publications
Gislingham Band 978 1 902019 04 8 Cecil Carter and the Gislingham Band Gislingham Silver band is the last remaining village band in Suffolk. This book traces its history via an affectionate portrait of stalwart member Cecil Carter who joined in 1929 and was still playing his trombone in 2002, aged 89. £12.95 (minimum, donations to the Band very welcome) + p+p Ron Wright, Musical Director, "Kisumu", The Street, Wickham Skeith, Eye IP23 8LP
A Love of Life - The Story of Sarah Hotter, Ken Veitch, Greenridges Press, Anne Loader Publications
Ken Veitch 978 1 902019 05 5 A Love of Life - The Story of Sarah Hotter Sarah Hotter's life seemed brimful of possibilities: the child of a loving, supportive family, she was a hard-working straight A's pupil who won an Exhibition to Jesus College, Oxford, where she was regarded by her tutors as "a golden girl". She worked for ICL in London but gave up the well-paid job because she wasn't happy about the commercial pressures and went off with her brother on a Grand Tour of South America to relish their Argentinian mother's heritage. She taught English in Spain and then joined the Salt Museum in Cheshire as a community and education officer. She was just enjoying success in this job when she was diagnosed as suffering from a malignant brain tumour. She confronted the disease with characteristic bravery and humour, but her life was cut short at the tragically early age of 33. However, throughout her life she had made an enormous and lasting impression on other people and this book tells her story through their affectionate memories of her. Profits go to The Christie Hospital, Manchester. £8.99 + p+p Mrs Valerie Hotter, 19 Arthog Road, Hale, Altrincham, Cheshire WA15 0NA
A Life Worth Living - Abilities, interests and travels of a young disabled man, Jonathan Colchester, Greenridges Press, Anne Loader Publications
Jonathan Colchester 978 1 902019 06 2 A Life Worth Living - Abilities, interests and travels of a young disabled man This moving autobiography was written to give doctors, carers, therapists and other patients' families an insight into Muscular Dystrophy and how sufferers can cope with it - and other similarly physically debilitating conditions. When the book was published, the 35-year-old author only had voluntary movement in his eyes. However with the aid of his dedicated father and mother, a portable ventilator, his computer and a Possum system operated by puffing, he was still able to pursue his interests. He said: "I also want to demonstrate that it is possible to overcome severe disability and lead a fulfilling life while at the same time adapting to the changing patterns the disability imposes." Joni died on 11 October 2010 at the age of 43. £9.99 + p+p From Anne Loader Publications.
Have you got your irons? It's a Waaf's life, Yvonne Peters, Greenridges Press, Anne Loader Publications
Yvonne Peters 978 1 902019 07 9 Have you got your irons? It's a Waaf's life "Have you got your irons?" was the demand each time a wartime WAAF moved from one posting to another - metal was valuable to the war effort and losing your irreplaceable knife, fork and spoon meant eating with your fingers - and facing a disciplinary charge. This book chronicles the author's years in the WAAF where she was responsible for developing and printing aerial reconnaissance photographs. £8.99 + p+p From Anne Loader Publications.
Drinkstone School and Village
A Suffolk History, Sheila Wright, Greenridges Press, Anne Loader Publications
Sheila Wright 978 1 902019 08 6 Drinkstone School and Village A Suffolk History This local history tells the story of one Suffolk Church of England school in its village context. The school opened in 1861 and closed in 1986 when the author was Acting Head, after decades of having been systematically starved of funds by the county council. It had thrived thanks to the enthusiasm of its teachers, parents and pupils. The book is copiously illustrated with drawings and photographs of the school and village. £10.99 + p+p Mrs Sheila Wright, "Kisumu", The Street, Wickham Skeith, Eye, Suffolk IP23 8LP
Speaking of Palm Trees, Kathleen Taylor Smith, Greenridges Press, Anne Loader Publications
Kathleen Taylor Smith 978 1 902019 09 3 Speaking of Palm Trees Kathleen Taylor Smith sailed in a troopship to Egypt in February 1946 to be with her husband Robert. She stayed for more than a year and fell in love with the country, in spite of the political turbulence that followed the Second World War. Kathleen wrote vivid descriptions about the country, and its people, to her beloved sister Maureen in England. Later she put all the material, together with accomplished poems with an Egyptian theme, into a book "Speaking of Palm Trees". It is now published as a unique snapshot of life in a complex and fascinating country which, at that time, was trying to shake itself free of colonialism. £8.99 + p+p From Anne Loader Publications.
Father and Daughter, Emily White , Greenridges Press, Anne Loader Publications
Emily White 978 1 902019 10 9 Father and Daughter Emily White OBE chronicles the life of her father Stanley White (1885-1954), a prominent Manchester businessman who was a well-known figure in Prestbury and Macclesfield. She then goes on to tell her own life story, describing her time at Oxford and her career in voluntary social work and social development. £10.99 + p+p From Anne Loader Publications.
Juozas - Displaced person, Misplaced Musician, Marjorie B Kulvietis, Greenridges Press, Anne Loader Publications
Marjorie B Kulvietis 978 1 902019 11 6 Juozas - Displaced person, Misplaced Musician We live in a world of displaced persons. This book is about one displaced person - Juozas Kulvietis who travelled from war-torn Lithuania, via Hitler's Germany to Britain where he finally had success as an accordian teacher on the edge of the Pennines. £4.99 + p+p From Anne Loader Publications.
The Emperor strikes back, Ken Wibraham, Greenridges Press, Anne Loader Publications
Ken Wibraham 978 1 902019 12 3 The Emperor strikes back Ken recounts his exploits during an expedition to Antarctica, taking in along the way, some time spent in Buenos Aires and Tierra del Fuego. £14.99 + p+p From Anne Loader Publications.
North Finchley and Beyond, Yvonne Peters, David J Golton, Greenridges Press, Anne Loader Publications
Yvonne Peters, David J Golton 978 1 902019 13 0 North Finchley and Beyond Yvonne has gathered together some of the articles she and her brother, David, had written over the years for their own pleasure and entertainment and that of their family. These articles chronicle their lives in a bygone era. £8.99 + p+p From Anne Loader Publications.
Footprints of an Irish Soldier, Kit Clay, Anne Loader Publications
Kit Clay 978 1 902019 14 7 Footprints of an Irish Soldier In 1934 a young Irishman, Tom Finn, decided to leave Ireland and enlist with the British Army's Manchester Regiment. After his training he joined the 1st battalion in campaigns in Egypt, Palestine and Singapore. He was in Singapore in February 1942 when the Japanese Imperial Army launched its surprise attack. He was amongst several thousand soldiers taken prisoner and faced the terrifying prospect of not knowing how long he would remain in captivity, or even if he would survive to tell the tale. £10.00 + p+p Kit Clay, 40, Blackhill Lane, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9DW. Telephone: 01565-653364
The Road to Severn Walk, Geoffrey Mellor, Anne Loader Publications
Geoffrey Mellor 978 1 902019 16 1 The Road to Severn Walk - From teenage soldier to skilled mechanic In 2002, after Geoffrey Mellor contributed one of the four autobiographical stories in "Mid-Cheshire Memories: Vol 1", telling of his childhood and early teenage years in Northwich as an apprentice mechanic, he decided to write about the rest of his life. This book covers his service as a regular soldier in the Royal Engineers, his career as a skilled mechanic, his happy marriage and his retirement. Sixteen years later, he finished his tale and we have published it in paperback. £7.00 + p+p From Anne Loader Publications.
Nancy - in her own words, Nancy Mottram, Edited by Lisa Battye, Anne Loader Publications
Nancy Mottram, Edited by Lisa Battye 978 1 902019 17 8 Nancy - in her own words This moving book is based on the prose and poetry of the late Nancy Mottram of Wilmslow, who died in April 2020, aged 90, and has been edited by her daughter Lisa Battye. In it, the author looks back at her long life and its challenges, and describes how her attitudes were moulded by her Quaker faith and her commitment to the peace movement. £7.00 + p+p From Anne Loader Publications.

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