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West Witton - Aspects of Village History West Witton
Aspects of Village History

West Witton History Group
Edited by June Hall

ISBN: 978-1-902019-03-1

(Old ISBN: 1 902019 03 2)

98 pages, paperback, 146mm x 208mm.
60 black and white photos

Published by Greenridges Press, May 2002.
Reprinted March 2007, March 2011

Price: £ 5.99 Postage and Packing:

About the Book

In 1999, a small informal group was established to research the history of West Witton. Most of the members had not previously undertaken historical research. Some were born and bred locally while others had come from far and wide to live in this village of their choice. The leader, local history expert June Hall, says: "The range of skills, knowledge and experience represented by the group is extensive and their enthusiasm seemingly endless."

The Group decided to work from the known to the unknown; to look at the village as it is today and ask questions. How did it come to look as it does? How old are the buildings? Who lived here, worked here and died here? By examining material evidence and adding information from the oral tradition, old photographs, maps, monumental inscriptions, fieldwork, parish registers, census returns, the enclosure award and many other sources, the group have begun to unravel West Witton’s story. The group's policy from the start has been to share its findings with the people of the village and the many visitors who go there.

The subject of each chapter was chosen by the author as a topic of personal interest. The group did not set out to write a comprehensive and chronological account of West Witton’s history; that will take years of study. Instead, they have presented the results of individual work on a miscellaneous number of topics which they hope will help residents to enjoy, understand and cherish the place where they live, and encourage visitors to return. The topics covered include:-

The Open Fields
A Square Mile of Barns
The Village Cornmill
The Stories Behind the Stones
Insights to West Witton through Nineteenth Century Census Records
The Village Institutions
Fireplaces, Hearths and Fire Windows
The Listed Houses of West Witton
The Burning of Bartle

To assist genealogists and local historians the book has been comprehensively indexed. The index can be consulted on-line, so that you can see if there is mention of a person, place or event of interest to you. To access the Index, click hereClick here to see the book's index

The Authors
The Authors

West Witton History Group at the opening of their Exhibition, October 2001.

Miss Marie Hartley (front, left) and Lady Cordelia James (front, right) opened the Exhibition.

History Group, (left to right): (Photograph Courtesy of Darlington and Stockton Times).

The year 2001 was disastrous for Wensleydale in that Foot and Mouth Disease in livestock devastated farming and tourism. Their plans were put on hold, fieldwork was impossible and everyone’s life was affected. They used their time to write the chapters which appear in this book. They are based on panels for an exhibition, ready for Easter 2001, but not put on show until October when, to everyone’s relief, the disease seemed to be at an end.

Contact Details

The book is available from Mrs E Kirby, Chantry Cottage, Main Street, West Witton, LEYBURN, DL8 4LU. Telephone 01969-622517.


The book was launched on May 18th 2002 at a special exhibition of the Group's work at West Witton Village Hall with special guest Bill Mitchell, the local writer and the former editor of "The Dalesman". The reprint of the book in March 2007 has benefited from the improvements in printing technology in the last five years and the quality of the many photographs in the text has been improved.

Copies of the book are available from Mrs E Kirby, Chantry Cottage, Main Street, West Witton, LEYBURN, DL8 4LU. Telephone 01969-622517 or from Greenridges Press.

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