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All our own books are in print with the exception of "A Journey Through Life", which Reg Lee's family asked us not to reprint after he went into residential care and "Woollyback" which has been withdrawn from sale at the author's request. Where books are on our "Other Books" list if we hold a stock we probably only only have a few copies so there might be a delay whilst we get a copy from the author or ask them to send you a copy directly.

Our books are available directly from us by post or through good bookshops.

If you are lucky enough to have an independent bookshop in your locality, and want to help them stay in business in very difficult times, they will be able to get the books you want directly from us or through the major UK wholesalers, Bertrams and Gardners, within a few days.

There can be difficulties: over the years we have received reports that staff in some branches of the large chains will find placing an order too much trouble - particularly with a tea-break in the offing - and will claim it can't be done, which is rubbish. But please help them by taking the title, ISBN and name of the publisher with you. This is important to make sure you get the correct book - one of our books has such a good title that another publisher launched a book with exactly the same title some months later!

Also we have been told by several customers that they placed an order with Amazon and after a two or three weeks were notified that the book was unobtainable. However, we know that Amazon never got in touch or passed these orders on. The customers received their books directly from us in a couple of days.

Please check Internet prices carefully as some on-line retailers are charging significantly more for used copies of our books than our list price for a new copy and also sometimes twice the postage and package. As an example, on 27/5/11 one retailer was offering "Memories of a Cheshire Childhood" at 5.94 + 2.80 p+p (Total 8.74) compared to our normal price at that time for a new copy of 4.99 + 1.34 p+p (Total 6.33). A reader could have saved 27% on this book by buying direct!


Our preferred methods of payment are by Paypal, sterling cheque or cash. You can use credit and debit cards via Paypal but we regret we don't accept payment by credit card over the phone.

If you are not familiar with Paypal, it provides a very straightforward, cost-effective and secure method of buying things over the Internet, provided you have an e-mail address and a major credit or debit card. You can phone or e-mail us with an order and we will then send you a Paypal invoice by e-mail. The e-mail will contain all the information you will need to complete the purchase.

We try to keep the total cost to you as low as possible so we only charge postage and package at cost rather than using a standard figure. Using Paypal has the advantage that if you are ordering more than one book or are not in the UK we can charge you the actual amount. Paypal will also deal automatically with any currency issues.

If you would like to order personally from us by post you can be certain that your books will normally be on their way to you the day we receive the order. However, with mail deliveries arriving later and later in the day - sometimes in mid afternoon - and last collection times coming earlier, now 5:15 pm in our village, on rare occasions it is impossible for us to get an order in the post the same day, but we do try! For one or two books just send us a note with the details of what you want and a cheque to cover the price of the books and the post and package - the details are on the UK order form.

If you want more than a couple of books, it is probably easier to print out the UK order form [it will open in a new window] and send it together with a cheque covering the cost of the books and the postage and packing. You can also open it as a Adobe Acrobat file which is set up to print on two A4 pages - this is probably the easiest and most environmentally friendly way.

If you like, you can copy and paste the order form into your favourite word processing package and type your information into it before printing it out or e-mailing it to us. Please see the note below, then make sterling cheques payable to Leonie Press and send them to Anne Loader Publications, Dept WWW, 13 Vale Road, Hartford, Northwich, Cheshire CW8 1PL, United Kingdom.

It is impossible to predict postage and package costs on every possible multiple book order as it obviously varies with the weight of the books, the package required to contain them and whether or not the total is such that we need to insure them - we have had one package destroyed by being run over with a Parcel Force fork lift truck and another discovered under an American snow drift when Spring came! We always try to minimise postage and package costs and if the amount you send exceeds what we calculate the postage and package will be by more than 10p we will refund the excess as UK postage stamps.

If you do not live in the UK there are so many considerations that the simplest way to operate is to send us an e-mail detailing which books you would like, where you want them to be sent and how fast you want them to get there and we will reply with details of the total cost and the likely delivery time. For details of where to send the e-mail, please go to our e-mail links page.

If you are buying the book as a present for someone else, why not include a card and their address and we will send it directly to them. And, if it is an order for "A Bull by the Back Door", "The Duck with the Dirty Laugh" or "The Bells of St. Paradis" and you include the recipient's full name the author will dedicate it! If you want to take advantage of the offer of a signed copy, please make it clear on your order - we wouldn't like to forget and disappoint the recipient.

You can, of course, order any of our books from your favourite bookshop. In this case, you can print out a UK order form [it will open in a new window] containing all the information your supplier will need to order the books you require. You can complete it using the ancient pen technology...

Orders sent directly to us are normally dealt with on the day they arrive. Your cheque will not be cashed until the book has been sent to you. If a book is being reprinted we will let you know when it will be available.


We are selling the books we publish on behalf of ourselves and our authors and not operating a lending library so we will not take back any books which you have purchased unless they are faulty or damaged in the post. We believe all the books are accurately described on their respective pages on this site and the description should enable you to decide if you want to buy the book or not. If you have any doubts, please telephone us on +44 (0) 1606 75660 between 9am and 9pm UK time, and we will attempt to answer any queries you might have.

We try very hard to ensure that every book we send out is perfect but from time to time there are production problems with individual copies and in this case we will be happy to replace a faulty copy and refund your postage if you return it to us. The same applies for copies damaged in the post but in this case we would be grateful if you would return the book complete with the original packaging so that we can make a claim against the carrier.

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