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Now Anne has retired we will not be producing new books, other than ones in which we have a personal interest. However, we are continuing to maintain the website to sell all the books we have already published and plan to reprint them as necessary. For some time we have publicised other books produced by our authors and published elsewhere and so we have decided that we will also include other books which we think deserve an Internet presence, provided that all their legal formalities have been completed.

In a number of cases the books are being sold actively by the authors on their own behalf or to raise money for a good cause, although in general we deal with any trade orders for them.

We have included details of how you can obtain a copy of each book in case there is one which is particularly relevant to your special interests, so in the first instance please contact the person named. In most cases we will have copies available if you have problems contacting the primary source or wish to buy a copy together with some of our Léonie Press or Greeenridges Press books.

Trade enquiries and orders can be placed directly with us by e-mail or via the Nielsen BookNet Teleordering service (Whitaker's as was). They are also available through your preferred wholesaler...Gardners, Bertrams, Coutts, etc Click here for our contact details.

Where there are more details available about a book they can be seen by clicking on the cover image or the link in the Title box in the table below.

Cover Author ISBN Title Description Price ALP Contact
Destiny Malaya, Peter Stock, Anne Loader Publications
Peter Stock 978-0-9527146-7-5 Destiny Malaya Destiny Malaya is an exciting and authentic historical novel set in Malaya at the height of the Emergency. £9.99 + p+p No stock Colonel Peter Stock MBE, 28 Molyneux Street, LONDON, W1H 5HW.
Drinkstone Revisited, More stories from a Suffolk village, Sheila Wright
Sheila Wright 978-09555417-0-4 Drinkstone Revisited - More stories from a Suffolk village This local history came about as a result of the enthusiastic response from readers of Sheila Wright's first book of Drinkstone history, "Drinkstone School and Village, A Suffolk History". £10.99 + p+p In stock Mrs Sheila Wright, "Kisumu", The Street, Wickham Skeith, Eye, Suffolk IP23 8LP
A Zest for Life, David Jones, Sheila Wright
Sheila Wright 978-0-9555417-2-8 A Zest for Life This collection of letters tell the story of David Jones's 54 years, his family, his enthusiasms, his concerns over world politics, third-world development and agriculture and his special love of Africa. £14.50 + p+p In stock Mrs Sheila Wright, "Kisumu", The Street, Wickham Skeith, Eye, Suffolk IP23 8LP
The Angels of Mons, Carl Leckey
Carl Leckey 978-0-9582448-6-2 The Angels of Mons The Angels of Mons offers a fascinating insight into the work of the unsung heroes of the Great War - the labourers, stretcher-bearers, ambulance drivers and others who risked their lives supporting the front line soldiers. £9.99 + p+p In stock Anne Loader Publications
The Flyleaf Killer, William A Prater
William A Prater 978-1-84624-123-9 The Flyleaf Killer "The Flyleaf Killer" is a gripping psychological thriller with a teasing diabolical underlay. £9.99 + p+p In stock Anne Loader Publications
Kisumu Books, Guhreten, Alistair Jones, Sheila Wright
Alistair Jones 978-0-9555417-1-1 Guhreten Alistair was aged twelve when he wrote his gripping tale of dragons, witches and goblins. Alistair writes “when Sam and Alex make a startling discovery on a beach in France, their lives are changed forever. Meanwhile, in the heart of a volcano, deep in a mysterious rainforest, the Queen of the Witches makes her preparations – preparations which will wipe her greatest enemy off the face of the earth…” £3.20 + p+p In stock Mrs Sheila Wright, "Kisumu", The Street, Wickham Skeith, Eye, Suffolk IP23 8LP
One Family's War, Kismumu Books, Sheila Wright, Anne Loader Publications
Sheila Wright 978-0-9555417-3-5 One Family's War This book holds a treasure trove of wartime experiences based on the family of Percy Childs and Daisy Austin. £12.99 + p+p In stock Mrs Sheila Wright, "Kisumu", The Street, Wickham Skeith, Eye, Suffolk IP23 8LP

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