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North Finchley and Beyond, Yvonne Peters, David J Golton

North Finchley and Beyond

Yvonne Peters, David J Golton

ISBN: 978-1-902019-13-0

192 pages, Paperback, 145mm x 207mm.
17 black and white illustrations

Published October 2009.

Price: £ 8.99
UK Postage and Packing

About the Book

After David (above left) died in December 2000 his sister Yvonne gathered together some of the articles she and her brother had written over the years for their own pleasure and entertainment and that of their family. These articles chronicle their lives in a bygone era. North Finchley and Beyond is a collection of some them into what Yvonne describes as a joint autobiography.

The book is written in three parts. Part 1 is Yvonne’s lively description of family life and growing up in the nineteen twenties and thirties when North Finchley was still semi-rural. Young Yvonne would be sent to the farm for a jug of milk with some trepidation at the possibility of meeting the cows on their way back from the fields. The muffin man came by on Sunday afternoons with a tray of muffins on his head, ringing a handbell to advertise his wares. Yvonne recalls the familiar sight of the rag and bone man’s horse and cart and the knife-grinder with his big stone wheel.

In Part 2 David tells his own story of his childhood and subsequent service in the Royal Navy. He also spent an interesting year in Antarctica as a meteorologist. “In the early morning of 18th December 1947,” he wrote, “twenty-seven strangers started gathering at Tilbury aboard the newly commissioned John Biscoe expedition ship of the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey.” They were welcomed aboard by their leader Dr Vivian Fuchs, and after two months of icebergs and rough and rolling seas David arrived at a small four-man base on the Argentine Islands, the dog training base for the expedition.

Part 3 is a sequel to “Have You Got Your Irons?” published in 2004, as Yvonne continues her story and tells of her return to Civvy Street after she was demobbed from the WAAF.

The cover is taken from a photo of Tally Ho Corner, North Finchley which was published as a postcard. To see the complete image, click here

About the Authors
Yvonne Peters

Yvonne says...

I was born in 1923. Discipline at home and at my Convent School was strict. Father’s secure job in the Civil Service shielded us from the poverty due to unemployment during the Depression in the early Thirties. As a child I was content with my safe world: as a teenager I longed to be free of its restrictions. When World War II broke out in 1939 it affected everyone’s life immediately, including mine. I wrote the book to try and recapture the flavour of my early childhood and my life in civvy street after I left the WAAF (that part of my life was dealt with in detail in “Have You Got Your Irons?”).


David Golton

David was born in 1927. He was a sickly child, taking all the childhood ailments hard, as well as having problems of his own. When he was about 4 years old he had to wear calliper splints night and day for months. These reached from his ankles to his thighs, making it impossible for him to bend his knees, but he never complained. In his quiet way he was a very determined little character and learned to cope extremely well. At school he was not considered strong enough to do sport until he was about 12 years old and when at last he did join in he was fairly useless. This was partly because he was left-handed. In those days this was not allowed; such children had to use their right hand for everything, which tended to make them clumsy. The Sports section of one of his school reports reads, “David plays sport with more enthusiasm than skill”. He enjoyed school work, even homework and left school with good grades, planning to go on to university. However, the war changed his life like everyone else’s. At seventeen he joined the Royal Navy and became a meteorologist. This stood him in good stead after the war when he went down to the Antarctic with the Falkland Island Dependency Survey in 1947.

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