Ziggy Loader
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Ziggy Loader The late Heir Apparent
About Ziggy

Ziggy was put to sleep, aged 15 years, in November 2009 after a short illness, and was buried in our garden in Cheshire. She had outlived her brother Goldie by about two months. She was black and white with the bossy nature of a sheepdog. Her mother Sally was a sheepdog/labrador cross and much of the Border Collie traits came out in Ziggy.

She had a very long tail and liked wagging - if she got too enthusiastic she could smack herself in the face with the end of her tail.

She enjoyed bossing her brother about; every misfortune which befell her was his fault and usually resulted in her attacking him and dragging him round by his collar. When he saw her coming an "Oh no, not again" expression came over his face. Fortunately, with open space to run, he was very much faster than she was and could out run her, so she didn't always get him.

Her main contribution to the business was lying under Anne's desk - which wasn't a problem after Jack re-routed and screwed in all the connections on her computer.

We are sure she always saw herself as the Boss and kept trying to mount coups d'etats but her mother - who was a dog of the world - managed to put her in her place. With the death of her mother she was confirmed in her view that she was the top dog.

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