Goldie Loader

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Goldie ecstatic about his new job

Head of Security (1999-2009)

Goldie died on 22nd September 2009. He was a much loved member of the team and a very good friend who will be much missed. This is what we have written about him in the past.

About the Head of Security

Goldie has made a sideways move in the structure of Anne Loader Publications. Having been The Boss's Chief Assistant from June 1996 to July 1999, he handed over this role in order to devote all his time to being Head of Security. His staff include his sister Ziggy and, until her death in March 2003, his mother Sally. Goldie has the heavy self-imposed responsibility of barking whenever any clients or delivery men arrive, thus acting as an early warning system.

He had a natural aptitude for this role from an early age and can be seen here training with his brother.

Goldie and Rusty training for their security roles
Goldie showing his injured leg

In late September 1999 he took his role a little too seriously, when he jumped through the glass of the front door in order to 'greet' the postman (we are always keen to receive your letters and orders!) and cut himself very badly in the process.

The fashionable blue and pink bandage was offset with a smart plastic bag which was to keep the bandage dry, when he went out to do what a dog has to do. The vet's bill for the operation which had to be undertaken to stitch him back together has been stopped from his non-executive director's fees.

In more recent times he has enjoyed his extended stays in France at St Paradis. With little traffic he is able to be with us a lot of the time when we are working outside and do dog things. He has suceeded in re-claiming our property as his patch from the other village dogs but any walk away from it can result in a great deal of barking from one neighbour's two "cow" dogs and another's seven house dogs.

The former are collies but we think that controlling a herd of cattle - always including a bull - is a much more impressive job for a dog to do than controlling a flock of sheep and if we referred to them as lowly "sheepdogs" it would not do them justice.

Goldie's tendency to bounce up to large four-legged things and bark has been, to an extent, moderated after Polly of "Polly takes the Scenic Route" fame gave him a swift kick when we were visiting Gay and James Pyper. Hard enough for him to get the message but fortunately not enough to do any damage. This has led him to treat cows and horses with more respect which is a good thing as the horses that visit our field from time to time are about 15.2 hands, unbroken and could easily do serious damage if he was silly around them.
Three mares and a foal in our field at St Paradis

In December 2008 Goldie suffered a "Doggie Stroke" which left him unstable and a bit confused. His condition deteriorated slowly but gradually until 22nd September 2009 when he was put to sleep very gently by our vet in France. He was 15 and was buried next to his mother. He was a very good friend and he will be very much missed.

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