Jack Loader
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Jack Loader     The Boss's Chief Assistant
About the Boss's Chief Assistant

Jack Loader has taken over from Goldie as The Boss's Chief Assistant, with responsibility for Marketing and Information Technology - and anything else Anne doesn't want to do! A research scientist by profession, he took early retirement from ICI plc, where he worked for the previous 17 years in the Information Management Group at the Research and Technology Centre, Runcorn. There he specialised in electronic technical document management, storage and retrieval issues dealing with Lotus Notes, Excalibur Retrievalware, Word Processing packages, document scanning and general IT and KM projects.

Readers of "A Bull by the Back Door" and "The Duck with a Dirty Laugh" will know that he has a Ph.D. in Chemistry and is a technical and practical wizard with the infinite patience to cajole any piece of electronic or mechanical equipment into life. He has always done this for Anne Loader Publications but at least he can do it during the day instead of being met at the front door (after a hard day with ICI's computers) with the plaintive cry that "the damned program has crashed again, can you sort it out?" - and this even before he had taken off his coat. The problems were usually different from those in ICI - on one occasion a laser printer had ceased to function because The Head of Security had gone to sleep under the desk on the printer cable and pulled it out of its socket...

Jack is pictured in "English country gentleman" mode in St. Paradis, France, which is the only place that Anne will allow him to wear his straw hat. However, until the work on their farmhouse is completely finished, he will be unable to sit on the terrace in the sun with a good book and a glass of wine. He is much more likely to be seen in a boiler suit digging a soakaway or attacking the nettles with a brushcutter.

Anne says: "It's really great to share the joys and the worries of the business with Jack. We've always been regarded as an inseparable team and we work very well together - for at least 98% of the time..."

Jack Loader was born in Spalding, Lincolnshire, England, in 1944. He attended Spalding Grammar School and, for a short time, Spalding High School for Girls (standing in for a senior maths teacher who had to care for seriously ill parents at short notice, we hasten to add!). He went to University in London and Southampton and joined the Research Department of ICI Mond Division in 1969 initially working on new technology projects such as the development of inorganic fibres and vehicle exhaust catalysis before moving into catalyst development for new routes to existing ICI products. The development of computerised catalyst testing systems led to a vast increase in the amount of data produced in a day and gave rise to his interest in Information Management systems to collect, analyse and manage it.

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