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19 - Cuisine du terroir Corrézienne 19 - Cuisine du terroir Corrézienne

Written by Malcolm Alder-Smith

ISBN: 978-1-901253-43-6

(Old ISBN: 1 901253 43 0)

268 pages, paperback, 146mm x 208mm.
1 colour photograph, 11 B&W photographs, 6 drawings
This book is spiral wire bound to lie flat on your kitchen working surface.

Published by Leonie Press, Nov 2004.

Price: £ 11.99 Postage and Packing:

About the Book

Malcolm says:

"If you haven't guessed yet, the title of this book, "19", is taken from the French Department number for the Corrèze, where we bought a house a number of years ago. We have always been more than inspired by the quality of the cuisine here. The Department is unbelievably rural and full of character, and so is the food, which is as unique as the local architecture and topography. Traditional ingredients abound which end up in dishes that bring the aroma and taste of the whole Department to the table.

"This is the Kingdom of foie gras, of magrets de canard and confit of goose or duck preserved in their own fat and of course the locally prized Blason Prestige veal. This part of the upper Dordogne Valley is undoubtedly one of the few remaining rural areas which has some of the best preserved culinary traditions.

"Veau elevé sous la mère, confits, miel, the unique Moutarde Violette de Brive, confiture, deep purple red cerises for Clafoutis, myrtilles, noix such as walnuts, châtaignes and hazelnuts plus strawberries and fraises du bois, champignons such as girolles (chanterelles) cèpes, river fish and fabulous fromages de chèvre... These are but a few of the Corrézienne delights available to the band of creative chefs and their brigades who work their magic in hotel and restaurant kitchens across 'our' Department. We were so proud to live there and try, in our own kitchen, to emulate as best we could the culinary skills of generations and personalities past and present.

"When I decided to write this book, I knew that I was fulfilling an ambition that I had held for about the last fifteen years. I wanted to combine my own extensive knowledge of cooking from my life's work in the hospitality and catering industry along with that of the outstanding chefs and the owners of restaurants and hôtels in the Corrèze, to produce a cookbook which I hope is somewhat different from others currently available in the UK.

"The aim of this book is to inspire you to try some of these prized dishes in your own kitchen and even more so, to encourage you to visit the historic Corrèze - bon courage, mes amis."



About the Author

Malcolm Alder-Smith
I was born in Overwallop, near Salisbury, in 1949 and trained as a chef and hotel manager at Highbury College in the mid sixties.

I can only ever remember cooking and catering when I was growing up. My mum and dad bought a guest house on the Isle of Wight when I was three and moved to a much bigger house two years later, which they developed into a forty bedroom three-star hotel, which they ran for more than 30 years.

Because my big sister and I were pretty well left to our own devices as kids, as Mum and Dad were far too busy with the hotel to spend much time with us, I used to dabble in the kitchen as often as I could.

I was never the brightest button in the box at my private school and left at the tender age of 15 to do a pre-catering course at our local secondary modern. At that time, there was no catering department at the local college on the Isle of Wight, where we lived, so catering students had to go to Highbury College (Portsmouth) to study. My only way to study there was by doing this course, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Lecturers crossed the Solent coming over from the UK mainland one day per week to guide us along our way and introduce us to dishes with mysterious names and ingredients, which were an exciting challenge for us to prepare and cook.

I spent three happy years at Highbury and although I was prone to mess about a bit, I still learnt an awful lot in the time I was there, which has stood me in good stead into my fifties. We were taught by what we, as sixteen year olds, considered to be very, very strict lecturers, mostly French, Swiss and Italian.

I was employed in hotel management until 1978, when I bought my own restaurant, before taking up employment as a lecturer in hospitality and catering in 1983 when I spent a number of years teaching Wine & Spirit Education courses at the Isle of Wight College on behalf of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, hence the inclusion of, I hope, some helpful wine suggestions with many of the recipes.

Twink and I also worked in hospitality catering at numerous prestigious events, and over the years we have looked after the most senior members of the British Royal Family, heads of British Government and Foreign Heads of State.


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