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Round and Round in Circles Book Cover, Peter Marsh, Leonie Press
Round and Round in Circles

Written by Peter Marsh

ISBN: 978-1-901253-12-2

(Old ISBN: 1 901253 12 0)

206 pages, paperback, 146mm x 208mm.
Published by Leonie Press, November 1999.

Price: £ 8.99 Postage and Packing:

About the Book

Adman Peter Marsh's lifetime love of yottin' finally found its zenith in the purchase of his own yacht, a 22-foot trailer/sailer which, after a season sailing round Anglesey and the coast of North Wales, he trailed to a lake in France and there spent the summer of a lifetime.

It was quite an adventure and one which Peter wished to share with others.

This book is the story of that adventure, a mildly scurrilous tale in which Peter made observations about the people he encountered and the places he visited, as well as some reminiscences, yarns of yottin' and life itself.

About the Author

Peter Marsh
Peter Marsh was conceived in Looe on Christmas Day 1943 and born 9 months later in Macclesfield, Cheshire, the eldest son of a handsome, dashing anti-aircraft gunner and his pretty young wife, a forces entertainer.

Much of Pete's youth was spent attending school. Then, in defiance of his father, who had become an Estate Agent when the threat of Hitler had been safely removed, Pete ran away to London and the heady world of advertising. Estate Agency didn't appeal, although his father's love of sailing had already lured Pete into this most pleasant of pastimes. So, this was to be his life. Advertising... and sailing.

For much of his mis-spent adulthood, Pete wagged off work, attending other people's boats, taking as much time as possible away from the hurly-burly, crewing on deliveries and off-shore races, as well as many weekends spent racing his ageing dinghies and off-shore pleasure sailing with friends. Latterly, advertising took a very far back seat as the desire to own his own craft finally became a reality and prompted this tale, revolving around the antics of Pete and his fellow yotties. Happy and sad tales, yarns not only of the sea, but of life itself.

Pete's personal probe into his desire to live life to the full, to observe and comment and share those feelings with other like-minded folk can only stem from the day of his conception. What were you giving or receiving on Christmas Day, 1943? Or any other Christmas Day for that matter?


"The sailor who always seemed to leave havoc in his wake recalls his life on the waves in a hilarious new book" - Macclesfield Express, December 8th 1999;

The author has recorded a number of "alternative reviews" by readers, and even passers-by in the street...

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