Sally Loader
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Sally Loader - in her debutant days of 1989 The original Matriarch
About Sally

Sally was a member of our family for nearly 14 years. She died at "St Paradis" in early March 2003, aged 16, after a very short illness, although she had been fading for some time. She was a real character and we miss her very much.

This is what we wrote about her when we set up this part of the website and you may still find her experiences of the "Passports for Pets" scheme of interest if you are thinking of taking a dog to France :

Sally is the 'original dog' - or so she keeps telling us when she doesn't think she is getting her rights. She is a sheepdog/labrador cross and was two years old when she came to live with us in 1989. She had been maltreated and abandoned and had been sent back to the dogs home twice, the last time because she chewed the cushions - she still does tend to chew things... She is pictured, aged two, in the arms of our son Chris Loader, when the only way of being sure to keep her in one place was to hold her down forcibly and lovingly.

The pups were born in January 1994 after her boyfriend jumped over the wall and they had an afternoon of passion. She had three pups: Rusty, Ziggy and Goldie and was not pleased to have had the experience. She didn't allow their Dad anywhere near them when he came visiting and tended to leave their upbringing to our old Irish Setter, Lady, whom we had also rescued. Lady was around 12 or 13 years old, had had pups herself at some time and as a veteran 'mum' liked having pups around her. In return they looked after her when she was very old, cleaning her face and ears. When she became senile Goldie would go and retrieve her when she got lost on a walk.

Rusty found a very good home and went to live in Trentham, Stoke-on-Trent with an old dog who wanted some young company.

Sally is now retired and spends most of her time between meals and walks, which she enjoys, sleeping in small dark warm corners. It is her special right to go down to the village on a Saturday morning with Jack when he goes to the Post Office and the village shops. She still charges off like a pup to get into the car and then sits and watches the passers-by whilst he does the shopping.

In September 2000 she went on a three week trip to St. Paradis as an experiment to test out the UK's PETS travel scheme, which allows dogs and cats to travel to a selection of countries without having to go into quarantine on their return. We wrote some notes about the trip for the local vet to give out to supplement the information provided by MAFF. We gave some practical advice based on what happened to us which may be helpful if you are thinking of taking a dog (or cat) to France, click here to see it.

She can still keep the "pups" in order, even though they are now over eight years old. If she doesn't think they are behaving correctly she will still bark at them and nip their ankles!

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