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Crazy about the Creuse Book Cover

Crazy about the Creuse
Jottings from the heart of France

Written by Anne Loader

The book is currently only available as a Kindle e-book via Amazon.

ISBN: 978-1-909727-15-1

110,000 words.
160 illustrations, photos and maps
Published by Leonie Press, December 2014.

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e-Book versions
Kindle format ISBN: 978-1-909727-15-1
Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN): B00QW6JLCO
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About the Book

If you enjoyed Anne Loader's St Paradis Trilogy about her family's experiences in a haunted granite farmhouse in the depths of the Limousin countryside, you'll want to read the newly published companion volume, the e-book 'Crazy about the Creuse - Jottings from the heart of France'.

Since 'A Bull by the Back Door', 'The Duck with a Dirty Laugh' and 'The Bells of St Paradis' appeared as e-books, they have rarely been out of the Amazon Kindle charts for e-books about France and lots of readers have asked 'What happened next?'

However, now the Loaders have retired and can spend much more time at St Paradis, Anne felt that the previous journal format was inappropriate. So to please her fans, she has gathered together a collection of 73 illustrated articles 'both humorous and serious' from those that she contributed over a period of several years to, a website aimed at English-speaking home-owners in the department of the Creuse.

The cyber-column was also called 'Crazy about the Creuse' and was written under the pseudonym of 'Annik'. The articles have been updated and added to for the Kindle version and many additional colour photographs have been included - bringing the number of illustrations up to 160. There is an introduction about the department for those who do not know the Limousin region, and the e-book should appeal to all those who love France and the country's quirky ways.

The work is a 110,000+ word, 160 illustration pot-pourri of individual pieces and in-depth studies, each around 1,500 words long, rather than a narrative to be read from cover to cover in one sitting. Several themes emerge though, including light-hearted accounts of personal experiences in a tiny commune, features on social history and folklore, observations on French life, and practical advice for those new to living in France.

Running through them all is Anne's love of the Creuse itself, which stands on the northern edge of the Massif Central and is one of the least populated departments in France. She describes it as 'an undiscovered jewel ... a secret retreat peopled by canny country folk who look you over, assess you, and take you to their hearts if they deem you worthy.'


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About the Author
Anne Loader 2014

Anne Loader started in journalism in 1965, with East Midland Allied Press in Lincolnshire and Norfolk. After her marriage she worked as a reporter and education correspondent on the Southern Evening Echo at Southampton. She was the feature writer on Northwich World from 1980-84 and was editor of the Crewe Guardian for ten years until 1995 when she was made redundant. She now jointly runs Léonie Press, publishing short-run books on autobiography and local history. Anne wrote the first of the series of books, 'A Bull by the Back Door', to amuse her late mother, then an Alzheimer's sufferer, who had lived in France and had instilled a passion for the country in her daughter from her earliest years. Anne has also written for British glossy magazines specialising in French subjects.

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