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A House with Spirit Book Cover, Jackie Hamlett, Christine Hamblett, Léonie Press

A House with Spirit:
A Dedication to Marbury Hall

Written by Jackie Hamlett & Christine Hamlett

ISBN: 978-1-901253-19-1 (Revised Version)
ISBN: 978-1-901253-01-6

(Old ISBN: 1 901253 19 8 Revised Version)
(Old ISBN: 1 901253 01 5 Original Version)

148 pages, Paperback, 146mm x 208mm.
52 Black & White Photos, 3 Drawings

Published by Léonie Press, September 1997.
Reprinted February 1998.
Revised Version June 2000.
Reprinted December 2002, May 2005, March 2014.

Price: £ 8.99   UK Postage and Packing

About the Book

Sisters-in-law Jackie Hamlett (Dennison) and Christine Hamlett care passionately about Marbury and the former Hall near Northwich, Cheshire - a château modelled on Fontainebleau which was pulled down in the late 1960s and is famous locally for its ghosts. They spent three years meticulously researching the history of the houses on the site and tracing the lives of the aristocratic owners.

Both gifted clairvoyants, they believe the spirits of some of the previous occupants have communicated with them. In addition, they have found voices and strange figures recorded on videotape which they have taken while visiting the estate.

They have their own theories about the spectral Marbury Lady and the noted ghostly horse, the Marbury Dunne. But above all, they believe every home has a heart and a soul. Some will recall the Hall as a country club and still in a decent state. Others, like them, remember the mansion empty and spooky, but whether in richness or ruin they stress that it was a home once lived in by a family who loved it, who bore children in its rooms, cried, laughed and died there. The authors believe all these memories stay around like patches of fog on a misty winter morning - and they have tapped into them to get through to the essence of Marbury.

"Contractors can pull these beautiful old houses down, they can strip away their dignity, sell the lead off the roof and the fireplaces from within each room," say Christine and Jackie. "They can murder the house, but its spirit will live on forever through every person who has a memory of the place.

"Believe us when we tell you that there are plenty of people who have wonderful memories: each one spoke of the place with affection and great sadness that it had gone. So you see, Marbury is indeed a house with spirit!"

"A House with Spirit" is illustrated with old photographs, plans and drawings unearthed during the authors' exhaustive researches.

About the Authors

Jackie and Christine Hamlett have lived in Barnton, Cheshire for most of their lives, but did not come Jackie and Christine Hamletttogether as friends until Christine married Jackie's brother. They soon found out that they had a lot in common. Both attended Northwich Spiritualist Church when they first became interested in the subject. Later on they were invited to join a development circle, where their clairvoyance came to the fore.

Both of the authors are clairvoyant and clairaudient, and have used their gifts to help them with their book. They are still using the help of their guides Jeremkyha and Loni, and their many friends in the spirit world, to help them further their research on the fascinating subject of Marbury Hall.

Further information

Since writing this book in 1997 Jackie Dennison and Christine Hamlett have become well known for their psychic investigations and work as rescue mediums.

January 2004

On January 20th 2004 they appeared on ITV's "This Morning" programme with Fern Britton and Philip Schofield to tell how they had helped a young Hartford couple whose home was haunted by the spirit of the original owner, 18th century builder, Thomas Wilkinson.

The spirit had "over-shadowed" the young man, Martin Bagnell - who is now believed to be psychic. While in the house, he became violent and aggressive, which was completely out of character, and suffered from bad headaches. His baby son wouldn't go near him. His partner Elissa also heard screams coming from one room in the house. In desperation, they called in Jackie and Christine, who are rescue mediums.

When the two mediums arrived, the young man's body started to shake violently, his eyes bulged and went black and his face contorted with rage. Even his body shape changed. Christine put her hand on his chest and shouted "Leave him alone." They realised that he was "possessed". Christine pushed Martin against the wall while Jackie called for the ghost to come to her instead.

They discovered that Wilkinson was unhappy about alterations that were being planned to the house which he thought would be unsafe because of the presence of an old well, and also because he believed he had had been cheated out of an inheritance.

The programme screened two photographs which were taken to illustrate an article about the haunting published in the January 19th 2004 issue of Woman's Own magazine. One, where Jackie and Christine were standing on Wilkinson's grave in Hartford churchyard, showed a mist between them and a bright blue light. The photographer was mystified when he downloaded the picture from his digital camera on to his laptop. The two mediums explained that they had each independently invited Wilkinson to be in the photograph with them. Another photograph taken outside the house showed a blue light at the window of the room where Elissa heard screaming. They had tracked this phenomenon down to the spirit of an unhappy woman.

Jackie and Christine, and the young family, were put up in a hotel in London the night before the programme and whisked to the studios by taxi ready to be interviewed at about 10.45am.

They have subsequently been on BBC1 "Now You're Talking" with Nadia Sawahla, an Inside Out BBC1 documentary about the Moors Murders and several more programmes are in the pipeline.

February 2006

Jackie and Christine have been making a TV series in Canada, with the last three episodes being shot at the end of this month. Entitled "Rescue Mediums" the series will be shown on W Network TV in Canada from 10th March 2006 onwards in the prime slot of 7.30 pm on a Friday evening. In the run up to the start of the series they have been much in demand for radio and TV interviews in Canada, the USA and nearer home on Radio Stoke.

Jackie also runs the Feathers Academy of Clairvoyant Mediums & Holistic Therapies in Northwich.

Christine writes articles and produces psychic sketches for the magazine "Chat - Its Fate". She also does private readings and talks on being a rescue medium. She can be contacted about any of these at

July 2006

The first few of the 13 episodes of Rescue Mediums has now been shown on W Network TV in Canada and the series now has its own website A second series is now being planned and will be filmed later in the year.

Jackie can be contacted at Feathers Academy of Clairvoyant Mediums and Holistic Therapies, 161 Witton Street, Northwich, Cheshire. CW9 5NP. Telephone 01606 334256 or 07855 791275.


Christine can be contacted about private readings and talks on being a rescue medium at

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