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As you will probably have realised we are francophiles and are currently renovating our old fermette in the Limousin. Anne has described our experience in her three books, A Bull by the Back Door, The Duck with a Dirty Laugh and The Bells of St Paradis. During our association with France and the French we have picked up information, contacts and experiences which you might perhaps find of value.

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Jack Loader Taking a dog to France; Our experiences of the PETS scheme In September 2000 we took Sally, our old dog, with us to St Paradis, as a trial of the PETS scheme. We describe our experiences and offer some suggestions for you to think about if you are contemplating doing the same thing. Subsequently by October 2004 the young dogs have been another thirteen times.
Bridget Andrews Taking a dog to France; Piroplasmosis - a potentially fatal disease The Andrews family have lost a much loved Westie, Sheila, after infection from a tick found in SW France, Spain and Portugal.
Jack Loader Hartford Mornant Twinning Our village of Hartford in Cheshire has been twinned with Mornant, Rhone, 25km SW of Lyon since 1987. Click on the link to the left to go to the Twinning Committee's website or click here to go to the Mornant Twinning Committee's site.

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